Mission to Train Over 100,000 Eyes in the Skies

Hidden in Plane SightOn June 1, 2015 AFA launched a major campaign to support the DOT/DHS/CBP Blue Lightning Initiative designed to stop modern day slavery. Our mission is to train over 100,000 Eyes in the Skies to uncover this heinous crime that is hidden in plane sight. 

With the Blue Lightning training, Flight Attendants can be the eyes in the skies that uncover this heinous crime that is hidden in plane site. This simple computer-based training could give us the proper tools to safely identify human trafficking and report it – saving millions of lives. But, the training is not mandatory and currently only two airlines participate in the program.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA calls upon Congress to make the Blue Lightning Initiative a mandatory program for all U.S. airlines through the FAA Reauthorization bill scheduled for action this year.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone on the frontlines of aviation to access tools available on this website to take personal responsibility for becoming trained to recognize and report potential signs of human trafficking.  Report Human Trafficking >

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